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Google Analytics Nedir

What is The Google Analytics?

Multiple Custom Variables lets you customize Google Analytics for collecting unique site usage data.

Also available now is the ability to share or hide your Advanced Segments and Custom Reports by profile.

Working with Google's worldwide network of Authorized Consultants specializing in Google Analytics, Website Optimizer and Urchin Software is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. As a Web Analytics aficionado (and as a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant), we keep our ears and eyes open for all the goings on in the analytics industry. Industry leaders from Google Analytics Authorized Consultants EpikOne and WebShare, AdWords Seminar Leader Anastasia Holdren, Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik and others will cover in-depth training on Google's online marketing suite and dive into strategic insights at the thought leadership day.


1. EpikOne
1. India Tatvic Interactive
2. Actionable Insights
2. Advanced Table Filtering
1. Metrics
2. Written by Justin Cutroni
3. Feras Alhlou
4. Caleb
5. GAACs and Google
3. The User Defined
4. LunaMetrics
5. Browser Capabilities and Network Properties
6. Twitter Tweets using Google Analytics


EpikOne helps companies of all sizes to improve website performance through strategic consulting as well as a variety of service, support and training options to set up, configure, audit and effectively use Google Analytics. Both of these valuable tools, plus others in development, were created by EpikOne out of necessity to improve and streamline their own consulting efforts. Since the program's inception in 2005, EpikOne was selected as one of only five original Google Analytics Authorized Consultants (GAAC's).

Google Analytics Login Google Analytics is an enterprise-class web analytics solution from Google. We are a proud member of the Google Partner Provided Support Network.

EpikOne developed Analytics Experts as a reliable source for all business types to be provided with plenty of free knowledge as well as advanced support, training and service offerings. Through these exclusive engagements, attendees get the opportunity to learn and interact with the experts and gain valuable Google Analytics technical and reporting skills.

In order for Google Analytics to track your marketing campaigns effectively, you'll need to tag your online ads with the right information (e.g. campaign, medium and source) so that Google Analytics can track your marketing campaign and show you which activities are paying off.

To help the tagging process goes smoothly, you can use the 5 Builder from our Google Analytics Help Center. This makes it easy for you to isolate the pages with tracking problems, fix them, and effectively manage your Google Analytics Tracking Code installation.

We're constantly working on developing tools to diagnose problems associated with your account or increase the usability of Google Analytics. Justin has an extensive knowledge of Google Analytics gained from day to day use of the product as a web analytics practitioner. [2]
India Tatvic Interactive

Google Analytics Training, India Tatvic Interactive,.

It's very clearly and insightfully written by our friends at WebShare, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, with links to related help center articles. We work with Google as a Analytics & Website Optimizer Authorized Consultancy, Adwords Qualified Company, & Analytics/ Website Optimizer Seminar Leader. [3]
Actionable Insights

New Google Analytics Features Powerful. Google has officially announced the release of new Google Analytics features which strongly position the product as an enterprise-level web analytics platform.

Much anticipated additions to the tool include the ability to define up to 20 goals per profile (previously limited to 4), Intelligence reports that provide automated and custom alerts to changes in metrics and dimensions, and the ability to track visitors into Multiple Custom Variables (previously known as Custom Segments). [4]
Advanced Table Filtering

4. Advanced Table Filtering This will be enabled in all standard Google Analytics report tables and will allow users to filter rows based on metric conditions and combinations, just like a user can when creating an Advanced Segment.

These three examples give you a taste of Advanced Table Filtering for your analytics, but they just scratch the surface. [5]

The initial phase will support detection across 11 dimensions and 18 metrics. You can see how a segment defined by custom variables behaves along any of the metrics available in Google Analytics. [6]
Written by Justin Cutroni

Shortcut from O'Reilly. Agenda: July 23 Analytics Overview (for all marketers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, Where: Portland State University Place, 310 SW Lincoln Street,

The Google Analytics SiteScan tool, created by EpikOne, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, is a very handy tool to verify that all pages on your site include the tracking code. SiteScan picks up on some classic signs indicating that your site has improperly implemented tracking code like:

SiteScan then reports each page in an easy-to-read CSV file after you've installed the tool.

SiteScan was created by EpikOne, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC).

Filed in: a Question Google Google Analytics is free powerful enterprise level web traffic analyzer but most users do not take advantage of the features. Written by Justin Cutroni, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant. It is an ebook in PDF format.

Justin plans to update the book twice a year to cover any new features or major modifications of Google Analytics. [7]
Feras Alhlou

Feras Alhlou is a founder of E-Nor, a leading web analytics consulting firm based in Santa Clara, California. Feras is a blogger (www.e-nor.com/blog), speaks at industry conferences such as SMX, and shares successful case studies on measurement in improving ROI. Working with Google's worldwide network of Authorized Consultants specializing in Google Analytics, Website Optimizer and Urchin Software is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make.

Authorized Consultants are carefully vetted by Google and meet rigorous qualification standards.

Two main groups will benefit from spending a little money with Shufflepoint every month: any Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) and any analyst who has standardized on Google Analytics and has ongoing report distribution needs.

The benefit to the former is pretty obvious if you can spend the time to build slick-looking dashboards and then couple them with Shufflepoint to quickly import different client's data then the quality of your ongoing deliverables should go up along with your margins! The benefit to analysts is similar the value of a standardized report template for distribution throughout the organization is not one that anyone should overlook and if Shufflepoint can reduce a day's worth of generating reports to less than an hour well you can either spend your newly freed time reading some awesome free books on web analytics, contributing to the web analytics community, or, you know, doing analysis.

Feras Alhlou, president and principal consultant of E-Nor, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, will be conducting a Google Analytics workshop at SMX West on March 5, called "Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Online Marketing & Business.

In case you're interested, VKI Studios, a Google Analytics and Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant in Vancouver, is running a webinar called " Landing Page Optimization: a process using Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer" on February 5 (tomorrow!) with Tom Leung, Product Manager for Google Website Optimizer. [8]

Caleb has been a fixture in the online marketing, web analytics and search engine optimization field for a decade, providing tailored, actionable solutions to clients in many verticals including consumer retail and services, performing arts, entertainment, health care, business-to-business, higher education and real estate. He [Caleb Whitmore] has founded multiple companies in addition to building the in-house Search & Analytics team at POP, a global interactive agency.

Caleb lives in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood with his wife and 1-year-old daughter. I think there are people at Google using Firefox the plugins are hard to pass up. That said, for overall Google Analytics debugging, Firefox wins because of the add-ons.

As I noted in the post, I use JavaScript Console for checking the latency between when the page begins loading and when the Google Analytics tracking script is loaded and tracking hits are sent.

Chrome is insanely fast at executing JavaScript, so if there is a delay due to other scripts running on the page that is significant enough to impact Google Analytics tracking, then other browsers are likely to be impacted more significantly. [9]
GAACs and Google

Helen Huang from Google Analytics shows you how to make your test record public. Visits Revisited

Google announced at eMetrics today that it will be adding a number of new features to Google Analytics, it's free web analytics software.

The features are, in Google's words, POWERFUL, FLEXIBLE and INTELLIGENT and we'll be discussing them in more detail in the coming weeks as Google phases them out to all the Google Analytics accounts, giving you ideas on how to use these new features to derive actionable insights and formulate strategies supported by analytic data.

Compare that to the current time and you 'll know how up-to-date Google Analytics is! You may be pleasantly surprised: I snapped this screen-shot at 9AM local time: 3. Hostnames (websites using my tracking code)

Click on a keyword on the left-hand side to view the visit position breakdown, and switch that drop-down menu which rests above the position table to 'Revenue' for very revealing and insightful Ecommerce analysis: 5. Top Content by Title Solve common problems that are tainting your data! Merge analytics and external data sources to measure your marketing efforts in the context of your business landscape.

We are here to help you with your Google Analytics Consulting needs, whether in providing "hands-on" help with setup, configuration, reporting, segmentation, and tracking or through consulting to your internal staff.

As a GAAC, we have access to a large devoted network of GAACs and Google staff, so if we haven't already seen your particular issue, we're sure that the GAAC community will resolve it (and welcome the challenge!). Focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI (Return on Investment), and improve your site to convert more visitors.

Google offers comprehensive tutorials and guides to using Analytics, in the form of a series of Adobe Breeze Presentations. "In other words, if you've created a Custom Variable such as 'Logged In Member', you can also create an advanced segment based on that variable and see it across all of your reports," says Google. This is because the Absolute Unique Visitor report shows data over time and was therefore summing daily unique visitors. Tagging your campaign links will consist of a URL address followed by a question mark and your campaign variables. His clear, engaging and energetic teaching style will make the day fly by as you learn. In the next few weeks, Google will provide code snippets for sites built on PHP, Perl, JSP or ASPX. We'll set you up, create the Regular Expressions that define your success events, set up your default pages and tell Google to ignore unimportant query string variables. Google Analytics Short Cut is a 85 page PDF ebook packed full of information about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Short Cuts is available from O'Reilly at $9.99 USD (credit card payment only).

Oh, and in other Google Analytics news, I'm now a Google Analytics Qualified Individual having passed my exam last Sunday.

According to a recent analysis by IC-Agency, Europa Star WorldWatchWeb Internet partner, 34% of the companies listed on the Swiss Market Index (SMI/SPI), following the example of Adecco SA, Logitech International SA or even Swatch Group AG, have already implemented on their sites the Google Analytics solution a performance measurement tool designed by the US leader in search engines.

"IC-Agency is the first Swiss company and one of the rare international firms to receive quadruple certification: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adExcellence meaning it can produce comprehensive, recognized e-marketing solutions for our clients," said Yves-Alain Schwaar, Head of Consulting of IC-Agency.

Google analytics are the key to the definition, execution, and analysis of any online marketing strategy and having a robust web analytics package in place is essential.

Multimedia design firm BEM Interactive has been certified as an authorized Google Analytics consultant, according to an announcement from BEM.

Experience the PointStar is a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC).

Question: How can I group pages together for reporting within Google Analytics? Stakeholders are no longer focused on monthly reports. AnalyticsExperts also offers comprehensive services to verify and ensure that your Google Analytics account is working properly and efficiently for your business needs. Along with SiteScan, EpikOne is also the creator of AnalyticsView, a Google Analytics Reporting tool. Feras has been conducting Analytics and Online Marketing training for over four years in the US & Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle-East. I can't speak for those inside the Googleplex, but personally I use Chrome as my default browser.

This of course means keeping up to date with the, WebTrends, Google Analytics Blog, the best (and official) resource on the web.

Google Analytics is a powerful, free tool that allows you to discover how visitors find your site, how they navigate through it, and how they become customers.

You might have seen a recent webinar and a guide by Omniture about ' The Cost of Free ' and the analogy of 'Free analytics tools are much like free puppies and that ' free can turn into a lot of responsibility! 'Well, while the analogy is cute, the premise and the details are misleading. [10]
The User Defined

This is a long desired feature here at VKI to improve upon the single User Defined Variable that currently exists in Google Analytics and will be released over the next few months.

The User Defined report in Google Analytics is a great place to start segmenting your traffic. [11]

First, after consulting with a pilot group of producers and other members of the interactive group, she decided to deploy an installation of Google Analytics.

Second, Sample worked with here's how LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, to manage the complex issues PBS faced with cross-domain tracking and a complicated account structure. LunaMetrics also created training materials, hosted an on-site training for PBS staff, and conducted a series of training webinars for producers and local stations.

As it turns out, despite challenges around getting resources assigned to tag pages and working out the right account structure, deploying Analytics was actually the easy part. In Sample's experience, the more challenging problem came in spreading knowledge and awareness of Analytics through the organization in a way that lets people take action on the data.

"My approach has been to teach people how to fish," Sample explains, "It's been about doing training classes and one-on-one work with key practitioners, creating specific training decks by job function and getting other groups to use Analytics data in their daily activities.

Google Analytics at this time only has the capacity to store one custom segment at any one time for one website.

Robbin Steif is CEO of LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant.

LunaMetrics works to increase traffic to Web sites and convert more of that traffic into business; they have a strong emphasis on Web site testing and Web analytics, and are a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant. Jonathan works on configuring Google Analytics and analyzing Web sites for insights. [12]
Browser Capabilities and Network Properties

The Dashboard gives the site overview.

The Visitors section is again subdivided into several more subsections like Map Overlay, New vs Returning, Visitor Trending which is subdivided into Visits, Absolute Unique Visitors, Pageviews, Average Pageviews, Time On Site and Bounce Rate. The other sections in the visitors section are Visitor Loyalty, Browser Capabilities and Network Properties. What usually surprises people is that you can also switch to an hourly graph in some (not all) reports by clicking on the tiny clock symbol.

Switch your date-range to today and go into any report with an hourly trending graph option (The ones in the Visitors section will work). Then, graph by hour and scroll down the histogram to see where the data collection ends.

Click on Network Properties and then click on Hostnames to view a full list of every domain and sub-domain that has your Google Analytics Tracking Code on it.

It's a good idea to check out this report at least once just to make sure any domains or sub-domains that are supposed to be excluded, are being excluded, or any sites that also have your tracking code are being tracked in that profile. If your Google Analytics is properly synced to your Google AdWords account, you should have no problem being able to see visits per position with this nifty report.

Because it uses the tag, and not the URLs, pages with the exact same tag will be grouped together; as SEO best-practices dictates, you should make sure each page on your site has a uniquely written tag. [13]
Twitter Tweets using Google Analytics

See archived copies of previous versions of GA.js Want to track your Twitter Tweets using Google Analytics? Email deliverability rates of 97%

Industry leaders from Google Analytics Authorized Consultants EpikOne and WebShare, AdWords Seminar Leader Anastasia Holdren, Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik and others will cover in-depth training on Google's online marketing suite and dive into strategic insights at the thought leadership day.

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